Crafty Handed

I must say I am a very universal crafter

I was drawn to the arts since I was in elementary art school and since then I am fully exploring every niche of it. If you are interested in following my projects and progress feel free to visit my Craftyhanded site. (Which since it was hosted on the same server as my personal site, it is now lost too, until I restore it. 🙂 I also take commissions so feel free to contact me!

I have played with drawing and painting in many mediums and styles of course. 

As I’ve spent many years making my living as a graphic designer and model I am professional in photo retouching, photo restorationand photo manipulation. More in my know-how section.

Also I love photography itself when as a model I gained the most skills and invaluable information at countless workshops and lectures, for which I was unspeakably grateful as a photographer later.

As you know from my garden I love to play with the mud :). 

I love to make wire and bead jewellery and ornaments.

I started taking calligraphy seriously in recent years and since they didn’t teach us much at school I attended many classes from classical Gothic, Italic and Copperplate to modern brush lettering and hand lettering.

One of my newer addictions is scrapbooking which is a type of paper collaging, mixed with photos. Which is closely connected to custom Minialbum making and also Project life.

I am a self-taught seamstress. My biggest accomplishment being a detailed victorian steampunk costume.

I am also a fun milliner as I adore the hat fashion and creating extravagant hat pieces.

And something not so girly… I love woodworking, restoring and up cycling. I have a fully equipped basic workshop … from the bigger projects I have made a custom wall bookcase, built-in bookcase and my newest piece – a designer display cabinet (check for the photo soon).

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