MAR 15, 2020

Let’s celebrate! It’s my 20-years of being online anniversary! I am starting like 20 years ago from scratch and on my own. As you might have noticed my old site vanished together with my old web hosting… from day to day it was gone. Fortunately I had most of my content saved… I thought.

I must say I am glad my site is gone now when I’m reviewing it and I am horrified at the same time. I didn’t even realize that my ORIGINAL content was all gone long before… replaced by my ex’s rude interventions.

Just to briefly update you.. Some things stayed same in those 20 years… like my name, color of my eyes and love for my garden. Other changed like my last name, my house or my lifestyle. And I will try to tach up with you guys on everything, so stay patient 😉 and tuned.

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