“City of York” rambler rose

Rose Garden

I love roses, especially the ones that bloom long, repeatedly and have an exceptional fragrance. I’m expanding my rose garden collection every time I get a chance. When someone tells me I don’t have much room in my garden I reply that I still have plenty of lawn 🙂 Though the last time it got me in real trouble. When I started creating a simple flower bed for my new roses in my lawn I found a solid stone pavement about 4″ under the grass. Took me all week to dig it all out and cultivate the soil.

Some roses are bought some are gifts so I don’t know all the names, but the ones I know are listed. Enjoy my virtual Rose Garden…

In spring of 2023 I bought some new roses for my growing collection! Forcing me to extending my flower beds :).

“Constanze Mozart”
“Constanze Mozart”
“Rosengrafin Marie Henriette”
“Rosengrafin Marie Henriette”
“Madame Anisette”
“Madame Anisette”
Grandma's deep red velvet rose
Grandma’s deep red velvet rose
“Caramella” pink apricot rose

Better view of this Spectacular multi-colored rose. If you can have only one, this is it! You will have a wide variety of blooms going from yellow with dark pink edges, to orange to white with light pink.

“Gartenspas” yellow with red edges floribunda rose
"Helenka" beige rose
Grandma's red rose
Grandma’s red rose
"Nostalgie Rose" ? white with pink edges
Grandma’s ombre pink rose – “Nostalgie”?
“City of York”
“City of York”
Grandma's pink rose
Grandma’s pink rose
“Novalis” Rose
Grandma's strawberry rose
Grandma’s strawberry rose
Grandma's yellow rose
Grandma’s yellow rose

2023 New Addition Roses

"Euwige Passie" Rose magenta pink
“Euwige Passie”
Peter-Paul Rubens Rose pink with apricot centre
“Peter-Paul Rubens”
"Moonlight" rose yellow to pink
"Perfume Kisses" Rose white with pink edges
“Perfume Kisses”

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