Show Off

So how did I become a model…

as is common… while walking down the mall.. (in Sacramento, CA) an agent had asked me if I wanted to become a model. I admit it had never crossed my mind before. But he showed me that in the hands of a good photographer an ugly duckling can become a swan… with certain genetic mutation.

After I returned to Czech I placed some photos on local model sites and offers started pouring in. Some of them even for photo shooting 🙂 I have no problem with shooting nude if the nude one is NOT the photographer… but sometimes I have a problem with hypocrites.

I collected photos and experience and grew my confidence, wardrobe and makeup supplies. And the investment paid off

The real photo boom came when I returned back to America and believe it or not after I turned 30…of course I was pretending to be always 25 😉 Getting a green card was no piece of cake but once I had it the world laid at my feet. I was getting offers form left and right, flying all over the US collecting references, exploring the world and building up a dream portfolio.

If you are interested and have a courage to see my diverse portfolio feel free to go to

My most favorite shoots were the creative ones, where you get some wild makeup, funny hair or crazy clothes, but I also loved the fashion shoots, which are in many ways similar :), glamour is always classy and last but not least the nudes, some of them even artful. And since we are shooting.. I am also terrific with Remington 700, AR 15, AK 47, M1911 and several others 😉 

Besides shooting I enjoy being a body painting model, co-working with a highly respected body painter Detlef on many events and occasions, even on the TV show Mr.GS.

The only think I have never liked to do was hostessing. In my opinion hostessing is the low-end modeling, too many obligations for too little money.

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