I was lucky to grow up in times of fun and free travel, which is unfortunately irrevocably gone. I wish all of you younger ones could experience…

  • At least one transatlantic flight, where people used to stand around in groups, drinking wine, chatting and having fun.
  • Running across the runway in a open airport “golf cart” trying to catch your leaving airplane
  • Having your family waving at you from the gate terminal.
  • Flying on your credit card when you accidentally forgot your passport.
  • Sleeping across the whole row of seats on practically empty transatlantic airplane. It is weird feeling. (Have you ever seen The Langoliers?

These and many others were my great and unforgettable travel adventures.

I have a hard time staying at one place for too long…

This is the second longest I am staying put, since my childhood. I was always on the move. Always going somewhere. My suitcase was my property. I managed to see quite a slice of the world in those 20 years. But I will see what I can reconstruct from the chips of my memories for you. Even though I lost almost all my pictures in my dicy divorce together with my omniscient personal iMac, what a shame. But I will do my best.

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