About me-ow

If someone didn’t notice I am Brenda ROBERTS now…

  • still married and child-free
  • still looking more or less the same (just my picture in the cellar is ageing every year…)
  • 1. husband: Ivo 
  • 2. husband: Gary
  • 3. husband: are you kidding me???
  • Sign: Libra
  • Stone: Opal

Questionnaire revisited:

Personality: Realistic and Skeptical.

Interests: Cooking not so much anymore as I’m waiting for my new dream kitchen inspiration, but my love for garden survived all the 20 years and is becoming more appropriate for my age. What is new is my crafting passion, from scrapbooking, calligraphy to woodworking and upcycling.

Addictions: my dedication often grows into addiction. Right now it is playing ukulele and scrapbooking

Motto: The fight with human stupidity is useless but one must never stop.

My Goal: I wanted to become a member of “Mensa” and after I did I found out they don’t serve any food. (Lost in a translation…Menza in Czech means a canteen, while Mensa.. you know 🙂

Sports: Skiing only occasionally, with water I am a bit picky lately and I’m missing my kick-box sparring partner but yoga with Adriane is awesome

Favorite Food: Sauerkraut soup, seafood, sushi, grilled ribs…pancakes…and chocolate fondu 🙂

Favorite Drinks: Pina Colada like other beach cocktails and my new favorite Ron de Jeremy XO rum.

Favorite Book/ writer: I have collected a vast majority of Jayne Ann Krentz books under all of her pseudonyms but now I am all into Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine’s series and shadow hunters from Cassandra Clare

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman baby 😉

Favorite Place: I must say that more I traveled the more “favorite” places there has been… but there is something magical about Sedona, AZ.

Singers: Elvis is still the king and Freddie is still the queen…

Favorite Bands: are mostly dead or fallen apart… and sadly most of the current ones should do the same.

My Mornings: are still the worst moment of my day. It takes a while to start functioning intelligently and even later it is questionable.

My Sins: let’s not go there 😉

By the Way: I love cats