Welcome to the personal page of Brenda Roberts Kučerová sweet strangers! I’ve built my first personal page in 2000 to celebrate a new millennium with something new…

Hard Beginnings

It was motivated by the first “Miss Internet 2000” competition, where the main assignment was to build our own website. Besides looking pretty. With the help of several online friends I have learned all the basics of writing html code and creating a functional website from scratch. It was not easy without the help of all the current apps and plugins. One had to know the code… the back end. Unfortunately I had to resign from the finals at the end because of several life complication at that time. It was very sad and I feel like I have to still apologize. Say sorry to all my fans and supporters who believed in me. The thousands of emails I got were all amazing and I thank you all from my heart for them.

Changes Through the Time

Since then my site went through a lot of changes, transformations and pitfalls. At one time my site Brenda Kučerová has been a great tourist guide, when I was traveling the world. I was writing about all the interesting places I have visited. I was linking to all the detailed information and sharing my adventures. Then it transformed more towards my first house and diverse projects I’ve done there. And lastly it transformed into a modeling site when I returned to photo-modeling again.

Impossible Endings

Later on I got re-married and became Brenda Roberts. But I’ve still decided to keep my original domain so You could still find me. This latest version of my website is a result of the server crash that took my last site completely down to the dirt couple years ago. I guess to celebrate my 20 years on line? And I had to pick it up and start from scratch once more. And learn the technology 20 years advanced. Though with the help of the apps and plugins now I feel overwhelmed. Trying to find the right patch to the right problem is hard, but I am doing my best. And I feel like 20 years ago 🙂 studying to make things work.

Thank You

…for being here and sticking around this long! I hope you will take time to look around and come back again sometime. I will try to add some posts here once in a while to let you know what is going on with me.

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