As many people who grew up in a chicken coop I’ve always had a dream about my very own garden. And luckily for me I’ve always had one. First I had my city garden in our vila in Czech. Later Arizona desert garden which I admit was a bit boring with all its stones and sand. And now I have my big cottage garden. Each with its own magic.

My Gardens

City Garden

…was my steep learning curve. I studied all my plants, learned the latin names and tested what I like. Some things I tried even several times – like a pond. There I found out that no matter how much time I spend working in the garden it’s never enough.

Desert Garden

While I was living in Arizona I took a little gardening break. My “garden” looked more like a moonscape with one cactus sticking out of the middle of it. And I must confess that I killed the one and only tree on the lot. Well, not technically, because when I left to visit my family in Czech during one summer…the automatic irrigation stopped working.

Cottage Garden

Now I am at my relax & enjoy and be self-sufficient phase, living in my cottage. I have my garden divided in three main sections:

Lounge Spots

Actually several different lounge spots. I just love to look at all these cozy little nooks with nice furniture. It is great to think how great it would be to sit there if I had time.

Decorative Beds

Beds of special decorative flowers and bushes. I am totally against wasting space on repeating the same flowers over and over. Because there is so many species and varieties I want to have one of each!! Maybe one day I will label them with name tags.


And my fruits and vegetable patch. After trial and error I am doing well with garlic, tomatoes and bell peppers, yellow squash, lettuce, beens, strawberries, cherries, plums and apples.

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